Aus aktuellem Anlass bereichert uns Sunnie J. Groeneveld mit einem weiteren Interview mit einem ETH Spin-off. Sie hat sich mit Keith Gunura unterhalten, CEO von noonee AG, die gerade «The Chairless Chair» erfolgreich getestet haben – wir berichteten.

Who are you?
I’m a crazy, hyper-imaginative guy. An engineer at heart with a passionate interest in exoskeletons. Waiting after a long day of work for the bus, or waiting at a crowded tram station, I asked myself: Why can’t I just sit down? So I came up with the idea for noonee, an exoskeleton that lets you sit down everywhere without carrying a chair with you.


When did you start working on noonee? 
In 2012 it began as a project outside the scope of the lab (my lab wouldn’t offer any research in this area). But then in December 2013 we were awarded the Pioneer Fellowship and subsequently also won all three stages of venturekick which has transformed my project into a full-fledged start-up. Now we are 3 working on it full-time.


What is noonee in one sentence?
Super cool.


Is there anything the ETH Founders Community might be able to help you with? Any burning questions?
I would be really interested in hearing how people manage their supply chains. How do they manage their time lines? What are the tips and tricks to get good deals when negotiating with suppliers? Any advice on this topic would be hugely appreciated.