Daphne Technology hit quite a few milestones in the past month. Recently the Swiss startup won stage 2 of Venture Kick and is now heading to the final stage. CEO and co-founder Juan Mario Michan talks about the recent success and future goals.

Daphne Technology from Coppet (VD) is developing a catalyst-free scrubber technology to help the petrochemical, power and transportation industries to reduce air emissions to the levels required by international and national regulations. Daphne Technology’s patent-pending nanotechnology based solutions can be miniaturized to meet the requirements of small-scale emitters such as trains and cargo ships.

There are some other competitors out there: “Not only we offer a much more financially attractive solution, but also a more compact and energy efficient product”, says Juan Mario Michan, leading the project. In addition, Daphne produces a valuable by-product, which is an agricultural fertilizer. This fertilizer can be sold at market value or simply. Michan continues: “Since ships can unload it around the world we don’t need to worry about distribution. It is already a distributed source of food in every corner of the planet!”

Mario Michan: “I completed most of the new slides in my presentation during the kicker camp.”

Timing is important
Recently, Daphne Technology won stage 2 of Venture Kick. Michan somehow felt that the startup would win: “You are never sure you will win until you get the email. But I had a very good feeling as the questions got very complex and into very picky details of the business opportunity.” Then, he knew the basics were covered and well understood by the judges. “I was satisfied with my effort regardless of the result!”

In the process, Michan learned a lot during the kicker camps. “I completed most of the new slides in my presentation during the camp.” He specifically worked on the funding and financial strategy, team and roadmap development.  It was very helpful for him. He also got great advice from the coaches. “For example Jordi Montserrat (Venture Kick trainer) was always full of excellent advice on every aspect of enterprise development.”

He’d recommend Venture Kick to all entrepreneurs: “The visibility, training and overall examination of the business opportunity is very helpful. The grant of 30’000 CHF for stage 2 (author’s note: and 100’000 for stage 3) is also very helpful to get things moving.  I think it is important to understand the program very well and strategize when to enter it.  Too early is bad, too late is not as useful. Timing is important.”