The TOP 100 startup and venture leader Coople is continuing its rapid expansion with the appointment of Christopher Bradford as the firm’s new Chief Technology Officer.


Industry veteran Christopher Bradford will be based in Coople’s European headquarters in Zurich, where he will head up and direct the growing development team to accelerate the speed of innovation and to support Coople’s rapid scaling. Coople has more than 150’000 workers available in the UK and Switzerland to work across a range of industries including hospitality, events, office, retail and logistics.

Christopher joins Coople with more than 20 years of experience across technology, product innovation and software development. He spent the last eight years at with the last three as Vice President of Software Development where he grew the mobile development team from one to 30 developers. Prior to Ancestry, he was a software architect at Heritage Makers and BORN Information Services (now part of Fujitsu Consulting) and has been the technical lead at several small start-ups.

Viktor Calabro, CEO said: „We’re really excited to have Christopher join Coople. I have no doubt that Christopher’s drive, knowledge and deep expertise will materially enhance our already strong leadership team and will help us fulfil our ambitious plans for future growth. He will no doubt play a key role in helping us deliver our vision and meet very strong demand from both workers and clients.“

Christopher Bradford commented on his appointment: „Employment has changed remarkably over the past several decades. My father worked for one employer for his entire career, whereas I have worked for a handful and I expect my children will have even more change in their employment experience. I have taken a particular interest over the past few years in the future of work, especially as we see how technology is transforming the business world and reaching into every aspect of society.“

„Work and life are integrated in ways that would have been hard for previous generations to envision,“ continued Christopher. „I am confident that Coople has a great vision, laid out by its founders and shared by those I’ve talked to, that will enable it not only to help people and societies cope with the changing landscape of work, but also to shape what the future of flexible work will be like. I’m very excited to be part of a visionary company leading the way in this field.“

Source: Press release by Coople