Startup-Botschafter gesucht: Noch bis zum 1. März 2013 läuft die Bewerbungsfrist für den aktuellen venture-leaders-Wettbewerb.

Venture leaders: Der jährliche Wettbewerb gibt 20 Jungunternehmern Gelegenheit, ein zehntägiges Business-Development in den USA zu absolvieren.

Aus allen Bewerbern werden 40 Kandidaten ausgesucht, die Ende März in Zürich oder Lausanne ihre Geschäftsidee präsentieren können. Eine Jury kürt dann 20 Gewinner, die ihre Koffer packen dürfen für den Trip im Juni.

Wer könnte ein Programm besser empfehlen als dessen Teilnehmer? Wir lassen venture leaders von 2012 über ihre Erfahrungen ihres USA-Trips erzählen:

«venture leaders is exceptional – a real kick start for an entrepreneurial career, be it with your first, second or x-th start-up. I hope that many more Swiss entrepreneurs can benefit from it!» Davor Kosanic (SamanTree Technologies)

«I couldn’t help being impressed by venture leaders. It wasn’t just the top programs and visits that would have been impossible for the individual to organize, it was the long-game that impressed me. The Swiss Start-up scene, as rich as it is, lacks cohesiveness making us a rag-tag bunch of pirates. I think a program like venture leaders shows us how we can cooperate, learn from and motivate one another. I know that – apart from the skills that I learned – I will be in touch with my colleagues to compare notes and take me the next step.» Shigs Amemiya (iMusician Digital AG)

«Very grateful for this enriching opportunity to learn from Babson’s teachers and entrepreneurs and to meet a fantastic group of entrepreneurs and organizers. Learning from the US style of doing business, venture leaders fosters a unique Swiss entrepreneurial ecosystem.» Denis Harscoat (DidThis)

«Overall a unique opportunity to dive into the almost surreal world of US entrepreneurship, and getting to know people who did it over and over again. A great source of inspiration!» Christian Fischer (Bcomp GmbH)

«Excellent program that encourages you to step back and look at the bigger picture!» Emile de Rijk (Swiss to 12 Sàrl)

«Ampard could strengthen its foundations and sharpen its value proposition following two weeks intensive collaboration with other entrepreneurs, experts in execution, and the Boston Start-up community.» Simon Summermatter (Ampard AG)

«venture leaders helped us to become a more mature as an industrial medtech provider and a more mature as an industrial company.» Cornel Stuecheli (Habtronics AG)

«We were able to significantly improve our business plan with valuable advice from world class experts.» Chad Brokopp (Mabimmune Diagnostics AG)

«Very useful and well organized program that lets you benefit from best experiences in the biggest market in the world which is USA.» Szymon Kostrzewski (KB Medical)

«Venture leaders is an amazing opportunity to get to know the challenges of creating a business in the US. Great fun to meet the other leaders and build a network in the US and in Switzerland.» Thibaut Weise (faceshift)

«The venture leaders program is an exceptional way of knowing that you’re not alone. Many skilled people out there are open to help and there are many entrepreneurs that would love to share their knowledge and problems with you. You just have to talk to them.» Viktor Calabró (STAFF FINDER GmbH)

«An unforgettable entrepreneurial experience! The new friendships with the other venture leaders allow a valuable exchange and will last for a very long time.» Timo Hafner (Gastros AG)

«Great experience.» Yann Tissot (L.E.S.S – Light Efficient Systems)

«The venture leaders camp in Boston greatly encouraged me in my entrepreneurial engagement. Seeing the vibrant Boston startup scene has whetted my appetite!» Christoph Barmet (Skope Magnetic Resonance Technologies LLC GmbH)

«A must-do, for every young entrepreneur!» Elia Palme (Newscron)

«It is the greatest experience I had as a young entrepreneur, an amazing program that should not disappear!» Madiha Derouazi (Vector LifeSciences SA)