On a regular basis Sunnie J. Groeneveld provides us exciting interviews with ETH Spin-offs. This time she met Cristian Grossmann, CEO of Beekeeper.

chris grossmann beekeeper

«We have doubled in size over the past few months», says Chris Grossmann. Therefore he is still looking for new talents. (Pic: zvg)

SUNNIE: Who are you?
CHRIS: I’m Cristian Grossmann, Co-founder and CEO of Beekeeper. I’m a chemical engineer by training, but these days it’s people and not molecules that I try to bring together.

SUNNIE: How do you do that?
CRIS: Our vision is to connect the unconnected within organisations around the world. We typically work with companies whose employees have no access to a PC and most times don’t have a corporate email. These organisations struggle to keep in touch with their workforce, however they would like to have a better way to communicate with them and keep their employees engaged. Also they want to have a two-way communication with their workforce, so they can send them messages but also hear from them in an easy and fun way.


Beekeeper is for companies whose employees have no access to a PC and most times don’t have a corporate email. (Pic: zvg)

SUNNIE: When did you start working on Beekeeper and what have you achieved so far?
CRIS: Beekeeper was developed in the last three years. At the time we’re working on a student community, when an established hotel chain found out about our product and asked us to develop something similar for their internal communications. Beekeeper was born. The platform is now used by over 150’000 people across 5 continents. We work with firms in numerous industries including retail, hospitality and manufacturing and our achievements are being recognised worldwide: This year Beekeeper was finalist for the Employee Engagement Award both in the UK and the USA.

SUNNIE: What are your plans for the future?
CRIS: We want to reach as many mobile workers as we possibly can and help more organisations worldwide. Currently I am spending time in international expansion as our client base is growing very fast, but we’re working on our European presence as well. The team is also growing – we have doubled in size over the past few months and are still looking for new talents, especially in sales and mobile development.