During the third Startup Essential Workshop by venturelab at ETH Zurich, Andreas Jurgeit (Business Development & Strategy, Redbiotec / Investment Manager, Redalpine) illustrated the important aspects of a good business model and explained in-depth what the key elements of the “Business Model Canvas” are.


A big difference you need to take in account is between a B2B model (Business to Business) and a B2C model (Business to Consumer): who is your target partner? The people attending the workshop had then the time to elaborate a business model for their own ventures. Some of those models were then presented and received feedback from Andreas, pointing out what key elements had been neglected or what could be improved.

In the second part of the workshop Andreas explained the analogy between planning the path for value capture by the venture and planning a route on a roadmap: Sequence and timing of events, “Checkpoints” for review, etc. Overall the workshop was very educational and definitely worth the visit!


Andreas Jurgeit talks to the participants during the workshop.

The Startup Essentials are a great format for young and ambitious entrepreneurs. Loads of success have already participants from the last semester course like Clara Beck from TapTools, Tauras Sinkevicius from WedMap or Raphael Gindrat from BestMile.

To register for the next free workshops with Christian Schaub from the ETH Spin-off Redbiotec or the other workshops in the coming weeks at EPFL and ETH Zürich, please register here.

A report by ETH Entrepreneur Club.